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Children’s University  


Celebrating and encouraging learning beyond the classroom. Children’s University has been run at Flinders Park Primary School since 2021.


The Children’s University WA Partnership (CUWAP) works with young people aged 7-14 years to foster their aspirations, curiosity and love of learning. The program provides opportunities and incentives for children to participate in fun and engaging learning experiences beyond the classroom (out of class time).


The University of Western Australia (UWA) Children’s University team are delighted to work with Flinders Park Primary School as a partner school during 2023.


At Flinders Park Primary School children from Years 3 to Year 6 can choose to be involved. If they have younger siblings in Year 1 and 2 they may also be enrolled at the same time.



Children’s University Australasia supports and celebrates child-led learning beyond the classroom:

  • Encourages children to try new experiences, develop new interests and acquire new skills
  • Fosters self-confidence, curiosity, and a love of learning
  • Celebrates pride in learning for all children
  • Provides opportunities for family engagement in learning
  • Supports aspirations for lifelong learning and future careers


How it Works

Children who choose to join receive stamps in a Passport for Learning by participating in a wide range of voluntary extracurricular activities outside of class time:

  • At school (e.g., lunchtime clubs run by staff / parents, helping in garden).
  • In the community with their families, including extracurricular clubs / lessons, CU Learning Destinations, and CU Holiday Programs.
  • At home, with CU offline activity packs and our online portal.

Children who achieve over 30 hours of activities, are invited to a Graduation Celebration in Term 4, hosted by the university, with families invited.

Passport stamping is conducting at Flinders Park Primary School near Room 4.2 on Thursday’ recess times.



Miss Sheree Walter (Year 4 Classroom Teacher) is the coordinator for the school. Miss Walter can be contacted via email at

To watch a video about Children’s University click on the link below: