Student Medical Conditions

When your child enrols we collect information about a range of things, including medical conditions.


The school uses the student health care information provided by parents to:

  • manage student health care needs
  • plan and respond to student health care emergencies
  • manage the approval, use, and storage of student medication
  • manage staff training and resources

It is very important that we have all medical conditions on record, particularly those that can be life-threatening such as asthma or an allergy with anaphylactic reactions.  Depending on the medical condition your child has, we may ask for Health Forms or Action Plans to be completed by the parent/carer.


Administering Medication

If your child requires medication during the school day - whether on a short term basis (ie. injury, illness) or long term basis, please notify the school office.  We will provide you with a consent form which also collects information pertaining to the medication and dosage, and we will administer it to your child at the office.


Storage Of Medication

For the safety of all students we ask that you do not supply medication to your child for them to keep in their bag.  If there is a particular reason (ie. severe allergy/anaphylaxis/asthma) please record the secondary location of the medication when completing the Health Form/Action Plan documentation.