LOTE - Italian



Students in years 3 – 6 at Flinders Park Primary participate in weekly Italian lessons.  


The focus of the program is to have students feeling confident to speak to each other in Italian. Students learn to great each other at different times of the day; as in many languages the greetings change depending on whether it is morning, afternoon, evening etc


Our focus is on developing a love of learning another language. Throughout the program students are involved in oral language games in which they can practice their vocabulary skills.  A wide variety of topics are covered throughout the year.


This year we are focussing on being able to count past 10 (dieci), and in year groups we are having a competition to see which classes can confidently do this.


The senior grades have been set the challenge for everyone to be confident in counting to 100 (cento).  Why not ask your child which number they can count to in Italian?  


Adoriamo imparare l'italiano! 

We love learning Italian.