What is Six Seasons?

The Wadjuk / Menang people of the Kingaaling traditionally used the Six Noongar Seasons - Birak, Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba and Kambarang to hunt and gather food being guided by the signs in nature as to what animal and plant resources were plentiful at those times.


The knowledge of the Seasonal calendar has played an intangible part in caring for the land. The Seasonal Calendar highlights the natural indicators that guide the transition between Seasons.


These inconspicuous indicators are all around us in the growth of plants as they mature and bear fruit, the animals as they reproduce and migrate following the plant cycles for food and water sources, the weather as it changes in response to larger global movements.


At Flinders Park Primary School we use the Six Seasons as a learning tool to develop the knowledge of our students/ community about the boodga/ country that provides for us and how important it is to respect and maintain the environment for generations to follow.


We all have a significant place within this cycle and this powerful traditional knowledge is a key to our success.


To take a virtual tour of the Six Seasons Gardens at Flinders Park Primary School here.