Physical Education

Students in years 1 – 6 at Flinders Park Primary participate in weekly Physical Education lessons as well as one sport session per week, where all students of similar year levels combine to further develop their skills.


The emphasis of the program is about students striving to achieve their “personal best” and to challenge their skill base by participating in a wide variety of activities. Scores are recorded in the Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics programs throughout all grades and students are encouraged to improve their results. Many small rewards are given for achieving this.


A wide variety of skills are developed throughout the grades, ranging from traditional sports such as soccer, netball, cricket, basketball, etc, through to innovative games where students use skills and strategies to achieve success in a sporting environment. 


Throughout the year there are a number of annual events which are a highlight of the

 Flinder’s calendar. These are traditionally held at lunchtimes and include events such as the Flinder’s Regatta, Golden Frisbee, Sevens Competition and the Hopper Cup.


The Skipping program which was Runner Up in the ACHPER Awards in 2012 aims to develop high skill level and includes school made computer programs and focusses on the student’s self learning. It culminates in skipping videos which are made with the year 6s and are shown to the school community on Open Nights.


One of the highlights of the PE program is the Bonus Sport component. Students who display excellent standards in behaviour, skill and attitude are rewarded with “ stars” each lesson and if they accumulate the correct amount of stars, they are able to participate in a Bonus Sport session. These are held at the end of every term.


Flinders Park students participate in a number of Interschool sporting carnivals that are run in the city. It has achieved many successes in these. Carnivals include Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Football, Cricket, Orienteering and Hockey.