Parents & Citizens Association

Our Parents and Citizens Association is made up of parents or guardians of children attending our school. The key purpose of our group is to support the school for the benefit of all students.


A message from the P & C President 2024:


Every year the P&C asks for your support through fundraising activities and voluntary contributions. P&C events and fundraisers are enjoyed by many – students, family, staff and community members alike. Events bring us together as a community, they create opportunities to meet new people and reconnect with familiar faces.


The P&C cannot run without a full committee and operate without the selfless help and assistance provided by many parent volunteers, some of whom are also members of the P&C. All volunteers are the hands and feet that see all the great ideas turn into successful community building events and fabulous fundraisers for our school. Over many years the P&C has helped to fund the purchase of valuable equipment and resources for Flinders Park Primary School which ultimately help our students.


Events cannot happen without the people who volunteer their time and effort. The last few years have seen a significant decline in volunteer numbers. I urge you to step up and volunteer for events, fundraising, canteen or on any of our subcommittees. We literally cannot do it without you.


We look forward to serving you in 2024 and invite you to join us as members of the P&C, working together with our Principal, Mrs Simpfendorfer and dedicated staff, to make our school a happy and engaging place for all.


There is much to be done and I hope you will join me in the work ahead, as we strive to make our P&C a better and engaging space for our community.


Whether you are a member or not, please don’t hesitate to send us your thoughts and suggestions or come along to one of our meetings – we’re a pretty decent bunch, and someone usually brings nibbles.


I look forward to seeing you around the school or at the next event.


~ Bev Els, 2024 P&C President.


P & C Functions And Processes


The P&C’s key role within the school includes: 

  • Fostering parent participation and involvement in the school.
  • Providing a forum for discussion on school matters.
  • Promoting the interests of the school and all of the students.
  • Assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school.
  • Providing representation on the School Board.

The AGM is conducted in February of each year during which time we:

  • Elect office bearers.
  • Elect an executive committee.
  • Form sub-committees and elect representatives to these.
  • Parents are encouraged to nominate for positions on committees that interest them. They will receive the full support of all other members in their endeavours.

Fees: Membership fees are only $1.00 which can be paid directly to the P&C Treasurer.


Meetings: A schedule of meetings for the year is devised at the AGM. We aim to have a minimum of two per term. Meetings commence at 7:00pm and conclude no later than 9.00pm, unless an extension in time is accepted by those members present. Minutes of meetings are kept and distributed by the secretary of the Association.


Notices: The P & C has a noticeboard in the assembly area where minutes and other notices are posted.  You can also find us on Facebook - Flinders Park P & C.





The Canteen service is managed by the P & C.  For more information please see our Canteen page.



The P & C run a second-hand Uniform Shop on site between the hall and the bike shed.  The uniform shop is open on Wednedays from 3:00pm to 3:30pm (subject to volunteer availability), and has extended opening times for special events or the start of the school year. 


For more information about our required uniform pieces please see our Uniform page.



The P & C regularly fundraise throughout the year with events such as the Easter Raffle, Colour Run and stalls on Mothers and Fathers Dayds.  These initiatives & events require parent volunteers to make them a success, so please check the P&C Facebook page for events and sign up opportunities.  Some fundraising initiatives are for the benefit of the wider community, such as our amazing egg-sciting Easter raffle.


Colour Run 2023