School Song

Our school song and music was written by Mrs Wendy Chaloner a former teacher at our school. We sing the song with pride at the conclusion of every assembly. All students are expected to learn and sing the song as it forms an important part of our school culture. 


It is the most magical sight to witness the students all singing the song at assembly, and performing the actions, with pride and enthusiasm.


(Words and Music by W. Chaloner)

Do for others what you think that other folk should do for you,
Do for you,
Show them all respect but don’t expect them all to be like you,
Be like you,
Treat your family kindly, tolerate,
Make an effort to cooperate,
From the harbour, from the rivers winding,
Man and nature binding
This is our place


Stand and be proud
This is our school
Special place in the dazzling state
The greatest country on the planet
Clear sky or cloud
Green Island view
We belong to Flinders Park
Blue is the sea
Fresh on the breeze
Touch the edge of a mighty ocean
There to shape our island nation
Learn all you can
Care for your school
Don’t you think it just might be
The best in the world.
© W. Chaloner 2002 (017)