School Grounds

We strive to ensure Flinders Park Primary is a safe, practical and attractive place to be.  There are many projects that have been completed over the school's life that enrich the grounds and contribute to student learning and wellbeing.

The School has undertaken the following guiding principles to determine developments:

  • Areas that augment learning centres take priority.
  • Workmanship should be of the highest quality and there will be no “corner cutting.”
  • Department policies on safety and welfare are adhered to.
  • Planning is effectively conducted.
  • Building, Maintenance and Works (BMW) guidelines are followed.
  • Equity for all students.
  • All project costs will be accurately estimated and assessed before works are undertaken.
  • Beautification projects should be included to enhance the school environment for health and wellbeing purposes.

School Map


Some of our notable projects are:


Six Seasons Gardens


Vegetable Garden


Green Island Mural


Flagpoles & Smoking Ceremony