Birak / Biruc

Symbolized by the kala (colour) mirda (red), mirda represents heat, sun and fire. When the Kelada (daytime) is long and the birl (streams) are dry the boyal (easterly) maam marang (winds) blow.


The wirning (sacred) spirit tree known as Moojar (Christmas tree) blooms bright yoont (yellow) indicating the time for moort (families) to move towards the coast. The tree is sacred as the Menang/Wadjuk consider it provides a resting place for spirits on their journey to kuranup (heaven). Noongar people used controlled karl (fires) to drive yonga (kangaroo), yoorn (goanna), karda (lizards) and noorn (snakes) from the bush lands as it was easier for hunters to spear their prey.